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Hit-and-run victims do have legal options

Hit-and-run victims do have legal options

One of the worst feelings you can experience after an accident is to have the other driver flee the scene.  Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents are an all too common experience in New York City.  A driver fleeing an accident scene may be doing so because they are not insured, otherwise in trouble with the law, intoxicated or for any other number of reasons.  In fact, almost one of every five accidents involving a pedestrian fatality is classified as a hit-and-run case.

Because of the complexities involved in a hit-and-run case, it is imperative that a victim retains an attorney as soon as possible.  This is especially important if there are moderate to severe injuries involved or there is significant damage to property.

In a best case scenario, an attorney will undertake an aggressive strategy to try and identify the driver who left the scene.  In New York City, there are often times surveillance cameras in place, witnesses to the accident or a number of other forensic pieces of evidence that can be tapped into to hold the other person accountable.

When that’s not possible, an attorney can pursue compensation for a victim through their own Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist insurance coverage.  Many times, this holds true even if the victim was a pedestrian.  Victims are entitled to recovery of lost wages, current and future medical bills, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, and lose of companionship in fatality cases.

In New York, another option for victims is to collect compensation from the Motor Vehicle Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC), established to aid victims of uninsured motorists, hit-and-run accidents, stolen vehicles and in other cases where regular insurance coverage may not apply.

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