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How to React to a Hit and Run

You have limited time to react to a hit and run. Anytime another driver hits you you’ll usually require a moment or two to compose yourself. But after a hit and run, resting a moment or two could be costly. The odds of having justice served for an accident are only as likely as the amount of information you take in during the accident. Considering the driver has hit you and is in the process of absconding, you’ll only have a moment to take note of their car. In this situation you’ll need to notice the following:

-License plate number

-Vehicle make, model, and color

-Description of the incurred damage

-The direction the vehicle drove in

-Location of accident as well as how the accident happened

The information above will be crucial to your New York City hit & run accident lawyer. Above all, the most important thing to take note of is the license plate. If possible, take pictures or a video at the time of the accident.

Now that you know what you should be doing after the crash, it’s time to consider what you shouldn’t be doing. After a hit and run most people understandably feel angered. This rage will lead people to follow the driver at fault, to drive recklessly, and to put others in danger. Doing any of these actions may result in you being penalized.

Your work is not over after the accident has passed. It’s vital that you talk to eye witnesses and write down any information that you think may help you and your NYC car accident lawyer. Don’t forget to call the police and your insurance company directly after you’re out of danger and have written pertinent information down. Filing a police report and accident claim will be vital to your case.

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