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Hurt in a New York City Accident – What to Consider?

New York Accidents – What to Consider?

Some factors to consider when searching for a New York City accident attorney

You or a loved one has been injured or hurt in a New York City accident. You know you need a lawyer and you know you want a good one. There are many excellent trial lawyers in New York City that represent accident victims. So, what are some important factors to consider when you are searching for the best New York City accident attorney or personal injury lawyer for your case?

Many people simply consider the large awards they see posted on the lawyers website and decide that’s the attorney for them. Of course the size of an award can depend on the attorney’s experience, but the settlement or verdict will be mostly decided by the extent of liability against the wrongdoer or tortfeasor and the nature and extent of injuries sustained. Any experienced injury attorney will most likely deliver a good result for your case when you have “a good case.”

Therefore, the first thing you may want to consider is to ask yourself is “What am I looking for from my lawyer?” A good result for my case, of course. As we said, look for experience. That is one of the top considerations.

Once that is established look to what you expect from the attorney. With many of the larger plaintiff’s personal injury firms, the case is assigned to a paralegal. The client rarely meets with the attorney handling the case unless there is a deposition or court hearing or the like. The attorneys are simply too busy with large case loads to interact on a regular basis with every client.

Smaller firms can provide a more intimate relationship between the attorney and client, while at the same time delivering quality service and results just as with the larger firm. What ever arraignment makes you comfortable is the one you should go with.

Lastly, make sure your attorney has the experience to handle your particular case. If the case is unique, such as plane crash, tractor-tailor accident, construction site accident, or medical malpractice, seek an attorney that has experience in that particular area of accident law.

Stuart DiMartini is a New York City accident lawyer and personal injury attorney.

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