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Man struck and killed by city bus as he crosses E. 23rd St. in Manhattan – NY Daily News

Man struck and killed by city bus as he crosses E. 23rd St. in Manhattan

No criminality suspected in death of 21-year-old Amos Veloz of Washington Heights

By Edgar Sandoval And Christina Boyle / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Friday, March 23, 2012, 9:09 AM

Danny Iudici for New York Daily News

First responders at the scene where a man was struck and killed by a city bus as he crossed E. 23rd St. at Broadway on Thursday night.

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a city bus as he crossed a busy Manhattan intersection Thursday.

Amos Veloz, 21, was in the middle of E. 23rd St. between Broadway and Madison Ave. when he was hit shortly before midnight.

The Washington Heights resident was dragged underneath the bus for several feet as the driver was heading eastbound and preparing to stop at a designated stop, witnesses said.

“I saw the bus turn into 23rd, the next thing I heard was a guy yelling at everyone to get away,” said Wesley Alexandera.
“I run around and see the body pinned under the wheel.”

Police and Emergency Medical Service workers arrived at the scene, but Veloz could not be saved

No criminality is suspected in the incident.

A female bartender at Live Bait Bar said she heard a group of people run inside the venue and yell: “Someone got hit by a bus.”

“It looked like the person was dragged,” she added.

Man struck and killed by city bus as he crosses E. 23rd St. in Manhattan  – NY Daily News

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  1. I witnessed the accident on 23rd Street the night before last and I believe there was a factual inaccuracy in the NY Daily News article. I do not recall anyone telling people to get away. I think it is important to the family to know that no one was keeping help from reaching the victim.

    The accident was horrible. I didn’t see the bus hit the poor guy, but heard it and turned to look and I saw him being dragged. I am not sure the driver was aware he hit him as he kept going. Several of us yelled to stop and I literally chased down the bus yelling and as the bus finally stopped, I banged on the door yelling at the driver that someone us underneath. It took the bus maybe 20-30 feet to stop. The victim’s friend was on the scene was arguing with the bus driver about what to do next. Several of us, including myself, called 911 and the response was very fast. I am not positive but 2-5 minutes is my guess.

    I had just crossed the intersection a little bit before and it was not as busy as usual. I pretty sure the poor guy was crossing against the light and not at the crosswalk. I don’t think the bus was turning, but going straight on 23rd from the west. But I am not positive. The bus could not have been going that fast because I was able to catch up with it running.

    The only comforting fact is I think the victim went unconscious immediately and before being dragged. I cannot be certain, but that is what it appeared to me to be the case.

    Please correct the record for the family

    • Hi, i am one of the Transit investigators assigned to the case and would like to speak to you about what you saw. Please contact me @718-694-4806.
      Thank you for your cooperation.
      Inv. Anthony P. Braxton

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