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Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney

What should you do when you are involved in a Brooklyn car accident? The two most important things to do are to make sure the accident is timely reported to the police and to get immediate medical attention for any pain or injury you are experiencing.

In 2010, there were 79 fatal Brooklyn motor vehicle accidents.
Reporting the accident to the police is significant for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that it affords you an opportunity to give your side of the accident, which is contemporaneous to the accident and documented by the authorities.

Many times auto accident victims refuse medical treatment at the scene of the accident believing they will feel better the next day. Their adrenaline is up and they do not realize the extent of the injuries they sustained. By the next day, instead of felling better, they are feeling worse, experiencing pain and stiffness. They start to wonder what they should do now. They question whether they should wait a few more days and maybe it will go away. Generally, it is best not to guess at something as significant as your health and well-being. Even if you refused emergency treatment at the scene of the accident, seek immediate medical attention for any continued pain.

Alcohol-impaired driving was a contributing factor in 18 fatalities, while speeding was a factor in 14 fatal accidents.
After these, the next most important thing to do is to speak to an experienced New York City auto accident lawyer. After the accident, insurance companies will be contacting you to give a statement or to ask you to fill out and submit certain forms. These insurance companies are not on your side and you are not in good hands when you entrust your claim to them. Their job, ultimately, is to deny your claim for personal injury compensation and to cut off your no-fault benefits for medical expenses and lost wages as soon as possible. You need a personal injury attorney on your side to protect your interests and to assert your claim.


Brooklyn (Kings County) is New York City’s most populous borough, with approximately 2.5 million residents. It is also the most populous county in New York State and the second-most densely populated county in the United States. Brooklyn’s land area is 71 square miles, making it the second largest of New York City’s five boroughs.

Brooklyn is divided into dozens of neighborhoods. Some of these include: Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, or Borough Park.

Brooklyn Car Accident Statistics

Unfortunately, Brooklyn car accidents occur all too frequently. According to the New York City Police Department, in just October 2011, there were 4,826 motor vehicle accidents in Brooklyn alone. Over 1,500 people were injured in these accidents, and eight more were killed.

In 2010, there were 79 fatal Brooklyn motor vehicle accidents. Alcohol-impaired driving was a contributing factor in 18 fatalities, while speeding was a factor in 14 fatal accidents.

Accident Types

There are a wide variety of car accidents that may take place. Some of these include:

These Brooklyn car accidents may occur on roadways such as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Gowanus Expressway, Prospect Expressway, Belt Parkway, Atlantic Avenue, or Kings Highway.

Have You been Injured in a Brooklyn Car Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Brooklyn car accident, we understand the uncertainty and stress you are undergoing. You have questions. We have the answers.

With our years of experience representing people hurt in auto crashes throughout Brooklyn, we know how to best protect your interests and assert your claim to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries. We know the claims process and will assist you every step of the way.

We prepare every case as if it were going to trial. Mr. DiMartini is an experienced litigator and appellate practitioner. He understands the legal requirements that must be established in order for you to obtain a recovery for pain and suffering. The law in this area can be complex and does not always make sense or seem reasonable to a lay person. It can be a minefield for the inexperienced resulting in a denial of your claim. Place your trust in our experience.

Personal injury law is all we do. We know how to get results!

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a Brooklyn car crash, we are here to fight for your rights. Call Mr. DiMartini directly at 1.844.299.0030. You can also contact us online. The consultation is free. There is never a fee unless we win your case!

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