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New York Car Accident Litigation – The Bill of Particulars

New York Car Accident Litigation – The Bill of Particulars

If you have been injured in a New York car accident and are involved in New York car accident litigation, your attorney is working to protect your right and succeed in your claim.

Part of the litigation process is what is known as the Bill of Particulars.

A Bill of Particulars is exactly what its names expresses. It is a detailed statement of the particulars of your claim. This includes your personal background, employment, details of the accident, injuries, medical treatment, expenses, lost wages and more.

After a New York car accident litigation has been commenced, the attorneys for the defendant (wrongdoer) will serve an Answer to the Complaint along with various discovery demands that will include a Demand for a Bill of Particulars.

The Bill of Particulars is arguably the most important document in the litigation process. It is the road-map to your case. It will lay out of the allegations being made and can limit what evidence can be introduced at trial if not included in the Bill.

The plaintiff’s attorney in a New York car accident litigation claim will gather all of the necessary documents and records needed to prepare the Bill of Particulars. Once the document is finished, it will be served on the defendant’s attorneys.

You can see an actual Bill of Particulars here:

Bill of Particulars

Stuart DiMartini is an experienced New York City personal injury lawyer and accident attorney.

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