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Safety Tips for NYC Pedestrians

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong New Yorker or a tourist from Connecticut, there are always ways that we can improve how we go about navigating NYC. With pedestrians and drivers engaging in a lifelong battle for the streets, you need to constantly be aware of your surroundings. Should an event arise where you feel that you’ve been wronged by a driver, you should consult with your NYC car accident or personal injury lawyer. In the meantime, stay safe by adhering to the following advice.

Don’t Trust Anyone

If you’re walking around and expecting everyone to play by the rules you’re a tad naive. NYC is a manic city with important and unimportant people rushing from destination to destination and not necessarily abiding by the law. If you think that just because the light’s red a taxi will stop, you’re dead wrong. Be more cautious than you typically would when walking the streets of NYC. Wait an extra moment before crossing the street to make sure that all drivers have indicated their intentions.

Be Visible

When out walking the dog late at night or on that post-work jog, it’s important that drivers can see you. Wear reflective clothing that will shine brightly in the lights of both street and headlights. If you’re eschewing from the gauche of reflective clothing, you may want to consider wearing or holding a flashlight.

Take Your Earphones Out

While our eyes provide us with much of the stimuli input we need to survive on the streets, our ears also play a crucial part in preserving our lives. We know that it’s tempting to blast your favorite bands as you stroll down the streets, but it may be putting you in danger. Listening to music takes you out of the present and drowns out all of the danger’s warning cues.

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