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The Three Songs Most Likely to Lead to a Car Accident

Thousands of car accidents take place in America every day. Drivers get into car accidents for any number of reasons. One cause of accidents that gets overlooked is the type of music that we play while we drive. The next time you get on the road keep the children calm, turn your phone off, and whatever you do, don’t listen to these four songs.

Rudimental- Not Giving In

When we’re in the driving mode, we need to be both alert and relaxed at the same time. The maxim, patience is a virtue, couldn’t ring truer than when a person is behind the wheel. The band Rudimental has become famous within the drum and bass scene. Their music is uplifting to the point that it may inspire listeners to think they have superhuman abilities. Listening to this behind the wheel will surely make drivers believe they can weave in and out of traffic with their foot placed firmly on the accelerator.

Jamiroquai- Virtual Insanity

Have you ever attempted to do a split while driving? If so, you’ve probably ended up in court staring into the face of a New York personal injury lawyer. It’s tough for someone who likes to bust a move to Virtual Insanity. It seems as though no matter the venue if the song is played, all who hear the music feel obligated to get their jive on. The problem with that is that context does matter, don’t Jamiroquai and drive.

Marconi Union- Weightless

Some studies claim that drinking and driving is as dangerous as driving fatigued. Driving when you should, in fact, be sleeping will delay your reaction time and could lead to micro-sleeping while behind the wheel. Avoid the onset of fatigue by skipping Marconi Union’s Weightless. This song has been scientifically proven to be one of the world’s most soothing songs. Soothing to the point that the scientists who studied it recommended that people shouldn’t operate heavy machinery and listen to it at the same time.

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