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Three Things You Might Have Been Doing That Led to Your Car Accident

First, let’s start with the good news. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not too injured or solemn to read a flippant article regarding car accidents, congratulations. Part of the recuperating process –apart from phoning your NY car accident lawyer- is to learn a little bit about the mistakes you’ve made so as not to repeat them again.

Look, people get into car accidents for all kinds of reasons. As a species, we’ve taught ourselves to exert less energy to perform tasks we’re familiar with so that we can conserve our energy or use it on other jobs. This faulty wiring has led us to take our eyes off the road and undertake trivial endeavors despite the need for our undivided attention to be focused on driving. Here are some extracurricular activities that may have led to your accident.

A Last Minute Text

One may argue that our newest appendages do more harm than good. Cell phones are perpetually taking us away from what’s in front of us. In your case, what was in front of you was another car, a pole, or one of the many other obstacles we face on the road. Turn your phone off while driving or put it in the trunk until the end of the ride. As you can now testify, texting and driving just isn’t worth it.


Honestly, we get it. Sure phones can be locked in the trunk until the end of a ride, but children can’t be subjected to such a sequestering. Perhaps a fight broke out, they wanted to include you in their ball toss, or your child was making a face too cute to pass up. No matter the reason, keeping your eyes on the road is the safest thing we can do for our children.


It may be tough to brush our teeth, shower, comb our hair, and get dressed all before we rush out to embark in our daily commute. What’s even harder than doing all this on time is doing it while driving in commuter traffic. Ever try to perform a K-turn while tying your tie? Don’t answer that question.

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