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What’s to Blame In Your Slip and Fall Case?

So you slipped, everyone does it. While a slip is always embarrassing, sometimes the worst part doesn’t kick in until a day after the slip has occurred. Perhaps you hurt yourself after a slip and brushed it off until the following day. If you’re still feeling pain after a fall, you may want to see a doctor. Although we don’t want to admit that we’ve hurt ourselves due to a slip and fall, any injuries must be looked at immediately. Although it can be difficult to discern who is at fault if you think you may be entitled to compensation for your injury you should call your NYC slip and fall lawyer.

When we believe that we’ve been wronged, we usually look for out of place signs. Sometimes this isn’t the case. Most cases that deal with slip and fall lawsuits involve rain, mopping moisture, spills, or broken/leaking pipes. Just because one of these sources of water has caused your fall doesn’t mean that you have a case in a court of law.

For a case to hold water, your lawyer must establish that the owner of the property where the accident occurred was given warning by an outside source such as the government to clean up the hazard or the owner created and failed to deal with the hazard. If a spontaneous hazard is created and the property owner hasn’t had sufficient time to clean up the hazard, you will most likely not have a case.

After the incident has happened, it’s important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. This will allow the lawyer to quickly clarify if the spill was either a blameless accident or a result of willful negligence.

The DiMartini law office has a proven track record of winning cases for those who have been victims of unfortunate slip and fall injuries.

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