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In addition to obtaining accident victims the compensation they deserve, our goal is to provide them with the information they need to help them understand the process and make informed decisions.  As part of that effort, Stuart DiMartini is the founder and main contributor of the Personal Injury Law Blog.  Please feel free to explore our blog!

The Most Unfortunate of Fridays

We always like to imagine what the perfect day would look like, but what about the worst? Fridays of all days are when we envision ourselves free of the shackles of work and able to go about our weekends in whichever way we please. But sometimes, our […]

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What Incidents May Lead to a Civil Lawsuit?

A civil lawsuit gives the plaintiff the opportunity to receive compensation from the party that has wronged them. Civil cases are different from criminal cases in that the punishment is almost always monetary in the context of civil lawsuits. If you think that you may have a […]

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When to Talk to a Lawyer About Workers Compensation

We take it for granted that our employers will adequately compensate us for our work. But sometimes that’s the last thing our employers are thinking about. Workers compensation isn’t the most popular of civil cases, but NYC workers compensation lawyers know how to handle any work comp […]

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When Does Failure to Diagnose Become Malpractice

A doctor’s failure to diagnose a patient may result in a grave and irreparable injury or even a wrongful and untimely death. But only because a physician has failed to diagnose a patient accurately, it doesn’t make their actions cause for a malpractice suit. For a successful […]

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The Stages of a Civil Case

Just because Law & Order starts and finishes a case in less than an hour doesn’t mean it mirrors the reality of civil cases. A civil case is brought against the accused if the plaintiff has a reason for why the defendant has wronged him or her. […]

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How You Receive Compensation After Winning a Civil Case

After all the hard work and anticipation, the case has finally ended. The judge strikes her gavel and awards you a substantial compensation. It’s at this point that the defendant pulls out a checkbook and writes you a check on the spot for the money you’re owed… […]

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What Teenagers Being Teenagers Looks Like

No matter which state your teenager hails from, most likely they’ll fit the mold of the standard teen. Teens are moody, audacious, and tend to act before thinking. Basically, who has just been described, is that last person you would want on the road driving next to […]

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Primary Differences Between a Criminal and a Civil Case

Seeing as how Law & Order and our government civics class can only cover so much material, it’s about time we fill in the blanks by clarifying our legal justice system. Two types of cases exist within the US legal system, civil and criminal. Criminal cases deal […]

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Products That May Lead to an Unfortunate and Preventable Death

Who doesn’t love testing out their new toy? Old or young we all enjoy using a gadget or product that we’ve been waiting for far too long to finally come out. But sometimes the products we purchase act in unexpected ways. We expect our belongings to be […]

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How to Legally Act After a Negligent Death Has Occurred

Losing a loved one can be one of the most painful experiences of our lives. Death can be made even more frustrating if it comes as a result of negligence or wrongdoing. If a death to a loved one has occurred due to negligence, you may have […]

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