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Product Safety

Mr. DiMartini has spent his entire legal career assisting those who have been injured in accidents due to the fault of another person or entity. As such, he is all to aware of the hardships people seriously injured in accidents are forced to endure. That is why he is dedicated to helping to educate the public about known product safety issues so that accidents can be avoided before someone is hurt.This page features some videos of interest relating to product safety issues that we hope will help aid the public to learn more about known product dangers.

Product Safety Videos

Under-ride Guards on Big Rigs

Weak federal standard allows deadly car-into-truck crashes

ARLINGTON, VA — New crash tests and analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstrate that underride guards on tractor-trailers can fail in relatively low-speed crashes — with deadly consequences. The Institute is petitioning the federal government to require stronger underride guards that will remain in place during a crash and to mandate guards for more large trucks and trailers.

Side Impact Protection

Side Impact Protection Improves

Vehicles that earn good test ratings for side-impact protection greatly reduce risk of dying for drivers in real-world crashes.ARLINGTON, VA — Drivers of vehicles that perform well in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s side-impact crash test are much less likely to die in a real-world left-side crash than drivers of vehicles that do poorly, a new analysis finds. The study includes only passenger vehicles with side airbags, demonstrating that airbags, while crucial, are far from the whole story in side crash protection.

New Crib Standards


Beginning June 28, 2011, all cribs sold in the United States must meet new federal requirements for overall crib safety.

ATV Safety

ATV Safety Tips:Take a training course, wear a helmet, don’t ride on paved roads, don’t ride tandem.

Phil&teds metoo Clip-on Chairs

Phil&teds “metoo” Clip-on Chairs Pose Serious Dangers to Children

The affected metoo chairs pose serious fall and amputation hazards to children placed in them. Children can suffer impact and head injuries when the chair detaches from the table and falls with them in it. CPSC staff is aware of numerous incidents involving the affected metoo chairs.

New York City Product Liability Lawyer

Since 1987, Mr. DiMartini has represented people hurt in accidents throughout the New York City metropolitan area. He is an experienced New York City personal injury lawyer, with a long record of success winning favorable settlements and awards for his injured clients.If you believe you have been injured due to defective product or device, Mr. DiMartini will explain all of your rights and options to you. He will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances that caused your New York accident. If he determines that he is willing to pursue your claim, it is only because he believe that your accident was caused by a dangerous and defective product or device that resulted in a serious injury to you or your loved one, and he will aggressively and professionally pursue your New York product liability claim to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.Personal injury law is all we do. We know how to get results!

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