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Baby born with mental retardation after genetic testing

Baby born with mental retardation after genetic testing

A person’s baby was born with mental retardation after genetic testing.

Intellectual disability (ID), also called intellectual development disorder (IDD) is formerly and more commonly known as mental retardation (MR). This condition is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning.

The person posted the following question:

My Wife and I underwent IVF with the embryos undergoing PGD screening to specifically test for genetic abnormalities. We had twins (though we only wanted one) and one of the kids has been diagnosed with a severe genetic mutation that will leave him unable to walk/talk/ take care of himself/ and severe retardation. This will naturally bankrupt us taking care of him and coming after we specifically had them screened to avoid such an outcome?

If the mutation is what is normally screened for and the facility missed it on genetic testing, then this is a serious error. It would be important to obtain copies of the cellular materials screened to be reviewed by a pathologist to determine if it was negligence to have missed this mutation.

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