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New York City Pedestrian Accidents – A NYC Study

New York City Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are common place in New York City. Whether it be a trip and fall accident or a pedestrian being hit by a car, pedestrians are injured on a daily basis.

The City of New York has been taking measures to help makes our City safer for pedestrians. Below is a letter from the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation describing these measures and the advances made. Also below are links to read the New York City Study on Pedestrian Safety.


Dear fellow New Yorkers:

Over the past decade we have made tremendous progress in reducing traffic fatalities in New York City. 2009 was in fact the safest year on record since the City began collecting data in 1910; annual traffic fatalities are down by 35 percent compared to 2001.

New York’s streets are far safer than any other big city in this country. Our traffic fatality rates are more on par with world class cities such as London, Paris or Berlin. But even one fatality is too many. DOT aims to reduce by half the number of traffic deaths by 2030. In order to do this the agency has collected and analyzed more data about the causes of traffic deaths and injuries and where they are happening. We are using this information to design better streets.

This first, unprecedented Pedestrian Safety Action Plan examines five years of data about traffic crashes that have caused serious injuries or fatalities to pedestrians, and identifies underlying causes that we can address to reduce these crashes. This plan builds upon DOT’s strategic plan, Sustainable Streets, and the work the agency has done in accordance with Local Law 11 (Council Intro 567-A, §3), signed by Mayor Bloomberg into law in April 2008.

Designing streets that protect pedestrians and reinforce the speed limit are just one piece of the safety puzzle. DOT will also seek legislation to increase the City’s enforcement capabilities, to prevent dangerous speeding and red light-running. And we will use our Safety Education and Communications offices to begin to transform the culture of New York City streets, building more respect and safety for all street users. We will also work with other City agencies including NYPD and the Department of Health to continue to collect better data and optimize our traffic safety initiatives.

Our goals are simple and clear, and they stem from Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC and public health agendas. We must continue making our streets safer for everyone, and promote more healthful and sustainable modes of transportation like walking. This action plan suggests ways to move forward on both fronts, so that we can continue to drive down traffic fatalities and ensure New York truly has world class streets that are safe for everyone.


Janette Sadik-Khan

Stuart DiMartini is a New York City personal injury lawyer and accident attorney.
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