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Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

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Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

In the following video, Dr. Julie Bishop, provides patients with an overview of what happens during a rotator cuff repair surgery.

    • This video features footage from a surgery. Viewer discretion is advised.

What is a Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles in the shoulder that connect the upper arm (humerus) to the shoulder blade (scapula). The rotator cuff tendons provide stability to the shoulder and allow it to rotate.

The muscles in the rotator cuff include:

  • Teres minor
  • Infraspinatus
  • Supraspinatus
  • Subscapularis

Each of these muscles inserts at the scapula, and has a tendon that attaches to the humerus. Together, the tendons and other tissues form a cuff around the humerus.



The pain associated with a rotator cuff injury may cause a dull ache in the shoulder, disturb sleep, make it difficult to raise your arm and be accompanied by weakness.

If the shoulder pain becomes severe or remains unchanged for more than a few days, you should consult with a doctor.


Causes of rotator cuff injuries include falling, lifting or pulling, repetitive stress and bone spurs.

People can sustain a rotator cuff tear in accidents such as car crashes, trip and falls, slip and falls, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents.

  • Pain medicines: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), acetaminophen, or other medicines can be used to relieve the pain.
  • Corticosteroid injections: Cortisone or another anti-inflammatory steroid medicine can be injected into the shoulder. The reduction in inflammation helps relieve the pain.
  • Physical therapy: Various exercises can improve flexibility and strength of the other muscles in the rotator cuff. This increased strength can help compensate for the rotator cuff problem.
  • Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy for rotator cuff injuries focuses on daily tasks that require shoulder movements.
  • Arthroscopic surgery: A surgeon operates through small incisions, using an arthroscope, in order to reattach the rotator cuff tendon to the bone or fix other bone problems.
  • Traditional (open) surgery: Through a larger incision, a surgeon cuts through the muscles and related tissues to reach a torn rotator cuff tendon. The tendon can then be reattached to the bone and other problems found during the procedure can be fixed as well.
Have you Sustain a Rotator Cuff Tear?

If you or a loved-one has undergone an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery as a result of an accident that was due to the fault of another person or entity, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer and accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your rights and assert your claim.

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