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The Most Unfortunate of Fridays

We always like to imagine what the perfect day would look like, but what about the worst? Fridays of all days are when we envision ourselves free of the shackles of work and able to go about our weekends in whichever way we please. But sometimes, our weekends don’t start out the way we want them to. Here’s a scenario of a fairly unfortunate weekend.

Hit & Run

Friday rush hour traffic might just be the craziest of all. We’re all driving home as quickly as possible in the attempt to get a head start on enjoying our weekends. When reckless driving and an excess of cars conflate, we’re left with high rates of car accidents. But we’re dressing up a scenario in the most unappealing and unfortunate way possible. Imagine yourself heading home, and a car hits you before speeding off into the sunset. If this happens, be sure to get the license plate of the car that hit you, call the police, and call your NYC hit & run lawyer.

A Bunk Product

A hit and run can put you in a bad mood, but don’t worry you’ve got a surprise at home waiting for you. The product you ordered from Amazon has just arrived and you’re ready for a pick-me-up. You open the package, turn on the product, and immediately hear this buzzing sound. This buzzing sound soon turns into a product that has just lit on fire while it was in your pocket and has given you a pretty nasty burn. After the hospital, get in touch with your NYC product liability lawyer to remedy the issue.

Pedestrian Accident

It took a little while, but your weekend plans are finally under way. You meet up with friends, and over drinks, you tell them about all your wild experiences of the day. Upon leaving the restaurant an out of control driver clips your friend before pushing down on the accelerator and driving away. Luckily by this time you have your lawyer on speed dial and know just whom to call.

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