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What Incidents May Lead to a Civil Lawsuit?

A civil lawsuit gives the plaintiff the opportunity to receive compensation from the party that has wronged them. Civil cases are different from criminal cases in that the punishment is almost always monetary in the context of civil lawsuits. If you think that you may have a case against someone that has wronged you, you should first meet with a lawyer for a free consultation. You may have a viable case if you’ve been a victim of one of the following accidents.

Pedestrian Accident

Urban areas of NY and NJ are rife with pedestrian accidents. With walking being the main medium of transportation, the ever-growing congested areas of NJ and NY see more and more pedestrians be struck by vehicles.

Medical Malpractice

We visit our doctors with the high hopes that all our issues will be resolved by the end of the visit. But on some rare occasions, things are made worse. Just because an ailment or injury was exacerbated due in part to an action your doctor took does not mean you have a case of medical malpractice on your hands. If the doctor failed to identify your symptoms, didn’t observe or record your medical history, or gave you improper medication you may be able to engage in a lawsuit. Check first with a Queens or Nassau medical malpractice lawyer to see if you have a case worthy of pursuing.

Hit & Run

Hit and runs happen in the blink of an eye. They may cause personal injuries or damage to one’s vehicle. After you’ve gathered all the necessary information, -pictures of your car, the aggressor’s license plate number, etc.- you should contact your NYC hit and run accident lawyer.

Product Liability

What we find when we open our presents isn’t always what we expected.

Due to a blueprint error, manufacturing mistake, or another unforeseen issue, sometimes the products we buy aren’t what was advertised. If an injury occurs as a result of a malfunctioning product, you need to talk with a NYC product liability attorney.

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